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During my presidential year, I've been inspired and
humbled by many celebrated and unsung heroes in
our community.
Chief Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby of the D.C.
Court of Appeals and Chief Judge Robert Morin
of the D.C. Superior Court: You serve and protect
the District of Columbia and its residents through
your leadership and dedication to the administration of courts and access to justice.
Members of the Board of Governors of the D.C.
Bar: You exemplified responsible stewardship and
commitment to service.
Susie Hoffman: You demonstrated leadership,
passion for pro bono, and compassion for the community, and you will be a superb president.
Bob Spagnoletti, CEO of the D.C. Bar, and the
entire Bar team: Your dedication and flexibility in
navigating a new era of the Bar in a permanent
home and ever-changing legal landscape deserve
recognition and appreciation.

Esther H. Lim is joined by her family at the 2018 Celebration of Leadership.
my loving husband, John C. Yang, and my precious
daughters, Nora and Hana. Before and during the
presidential journey, my family gave me the greatest
gift of all - understanding. No matter what.
Despite his own formidable job as president of
Asian Americans Advancing Justice - AAJC, John
willingly accommodated the demands and the
unpredictability imposed by the Bar presidency
and law firm partnership. He worked around the
clock fighting for civil rights and for a more just
America while doing double duty at home. John
performed the impossible task of balancing dual
legal careers and parenthood, with Bar presidency
thrown on top, in his characteristic style - quietly
and without fanfare.
Nora and Hana displayed maturity beyond their
tender years of 10 and 6 when Mommy missed
attending a special event or tending to a special
need. The girls had a natural knack of easing my
guilt, saying, "That's okay, Mommy," without a hint
of resentment while masking their disappointment.
During the election for presidency, my girls were
my biggest cheerleaders (and made up a campaign
cheer that never reached social media). During the
swearing in, my girls wore the biggest smiles (and
Nora took the presidential gavel box from me as she
curtsied and exclaimed, "At your service!"). During
my year-long presidency, the girls' enthusiasm and
support did not wane as they embraced their mom
struggling to balance and to do the right thing
(Hana would tiptoe to the home office desk during

my late-night litigation calls to hug me and silently
mouth the words, "Mommy, keep up the good
work! Good night!").
Thank you, my Terrific Trio, for your enduring love
and for enduring me. In the coming years, I look
forward to attending more recitals, ball games,
swim meets, and field trips, and creating special
memories together as a quartet.
I choose to share these personal words on this
public page, quite mindful of the challenges
acutely felt by women in the legal profession. It
explains why less than a handful of female presidents of this Bar served while they had children at
home. It explains why women lawyers make up
only 19 percent of equity partners. It explains why
working mothers tend to hold up the life side of
the work-life balance scale.
There is no solo journey on the long and challenging flight of a legal career. It takes a co-pilot
and often a village. It takes a Martin Ginsburg to
make a Ruth Ginsburg. A highly respected tax law
professor, he reigned supreme in their kitchen
while she reigned supreme on the highest court.
Way ahead of his time, Marty Ginsburg defied social
conventions to aid in his spouse's professional
endeavors. I am blessed with my own "Marty" and
much more. My extended village of sisters, brother,
mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, nanny, friends,
and colleagues provided layer after layer of support
and sanity.

Becky Troth, executive director of the D.C. Bar Pro
Bono Center, and the Center's lean but incredibly
effective staff: You continue to transform lives by
providing service to those who need it most.
Ron Flagg: You are an outstanding chair of the
Pro Bono Task Force, mobilizing leading minds to
promote and expand access to justice for the
District's most needy and vulnerable residents.
Finnegan colleagues: You have been a rock of
support and encouragement.
Marthe Drake, my capable assistant: You have
juggled the calendar of countless meetings, events,
and calls, and managed to keep me afloat.
Jim Sandman: You inspire and challenge all of us to
do well by doing good in the way you live your life.
Mrs. Jean Herbert and teachers of our future: You
shape minds, touch hearts, and plant the seeds of
The African word Ubuntu (I am because we are)
speaks to the interconnectedness and the responsibility that we have for one another. The Korean
word Jung speaks to the compassion and generosity among humankind. My beloved grandmother,
who is a perfect 100 in every way, was a living
monument of that spirit.
Humbly, I extend heartfelt gratitude to my family,
friends, colleagues, and all of you for making this
incredible journey possible. Thank you for being
my America the Beautiful.


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